ABOUT AUIC: What; Who Can Join; Why Join AUIC

What.  AUIC is an Illinois Not for Profit Corporation established on January 27, 2001.  Initially AUIC focused on internet businesses and consumers who could share their knowledge, experience and numbers to improve their overall business and personal education, financial and health wellness, and take advantage of group purchasing power for affordable goods and services.

Who Can Join? If you are over the age of 18, and active in or plan a career in using the internet in business and internet consulting and wish to aggregate the knowledge and purchasing power of like-minded people, and are interested in finding honest, vetted answers to your everyday business and personal interests, you are eligible and likely to benefit greatly from membership in the Association of United Internet Consultants (“AUIC”).   AUIC is an Association that has no political purpose, affiliations or objectives other than to educate, promote and provide internet business consultants and businesses with useful business and personal information that can lead to educated, experienced and economically wise choices and decisions in the pursuit of their professional and personal lives.

Why Join AUIC.  AUIC member internet consultants and businesses recognize how many product and service providers are using the low cost efficiency of internet education, marketing, sales and distribution to lead the consumer to a rational purchasing decision. The internet promotes lower costs of education, marketing and distribution, and this professional knowledge can help clients and businesses create profit through efficiencies and savings.  The AUIC member must agree to a code of ethical and professional business conduct and give back to the members useful and professional trade information.  The aggregating of numbers and the sharing of knowledge within the AUIC affinity group leads to better decisions in purchasing services and products.

In today’s unprecedented and demanding economic times, the businesses face a host of practical problems:

  • Finding the best solutions for goods and services purchases within tight business or personal budgets;
  • Finding the best and most unbiased information to make the most cost effective purchase of business and personal products and services;
  • Finding politically or economically unbiased sources of education, recommendations, or alternative purchases;
  • Getting the best or a reasonable economic deal in purchasing products and services.

AUIC does not “license or receive royalties” for the use of its intellectual property (its name) by product and service providers.  Reasonable, clearly identified member dues are the prime source of revenues for operations that are used to provide excellent benefits to its members.      6.2.15