Notice of Annual Member Meeting

Association of United Internet Consultants

Notice of the member annual meeting of the Association of United Internet Consultants:

The Annual Meeting of the Members of the Association of United Internet Consultants will be held at 500 Kensington Drive, Madison, WI on Friday, August 4, 2017 at 11:15 AM to elect five directors and provide mission, educational product and service updates and a review of existing and new resources and benefits for members; and any other business that is properly before the Members. The Nominating Committee has proposed the following current directors to stand for re-election:

Robert R. Lehman              JD Gerald A. Stewart
W. Philip Fisher                  Randall S. Grobe, CPA
William Finn

You may also attend (but not vote) by phone by dialing in on the following Conference Caller Number:
1-800-444-2801 then input the conference code: 6085538

You may appear in person or proxy to vote, provided you are an eligible member as of the meeting date. If you wish to vote by proxy, please sign and mail or email and e-sign the proxy below:


The undersigned Member of the Association of United Internet Consultants hereby appoints the Secretary of AUIC, or the person set forth:___________________________________________________ as the nominee of the undersigned to attend the Annual Meeting of Members of the Corporation to be held at 11:15 AM, Friday, August 4, 2017, and any adjournment of the Meeting, to act in my behalf to the same extent and with powers as if the undersigned was present.

Dated: ____________, 20__. Name of Member:________________________________

Email to or mail to AUIC, c/o Lehman Consulting, LLC, 3454 Nappe Drive, Middleton, WI 53562