Frequently Asked Questions:

What is AUIC?  The Association of Internet Consultants is a member-based professional trade association. It was established to provide individuals and business owners using the internet for trade, consulting, interstate commerce, and web related or web utilizing businesses and trades; and to unite and to come together to share ideas, education, efficiencies, information, and experience.

What is a trade association? An industry trade association is an organization that is formed to promote and improve the particular industry it represents, including areas like public awareness and education.  Almost every industry is represented by at least one or many trade association. An active trade association works to improve its members’ professionalism, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Joining together as a group works for the common good of its members. It is possible to achieve concrete results like better rates on insurance or lower prices on professional education, supplies, programs and services; and in addition to provide personal and business benefits that make business and life in general more efficient, effective and pleasant . Companies respond well to trade associations by listening to what the members want and need, resulting in new and improved products and services for the industry.  Being involved in a trade organization can provide you instant access to information and technology that will greatly improve your own business environment.

Who are the members? AUIC represents professionals in the internet consulting or internet related business. Typically our members are individuals, groups, businesses and their employees.


What is the Purpose of AUIC? At AUIC, our goal is to represent all of its internet consultants and users, whether they are independent consultants or part of a larger organization, and to provide opportunities for our members to come together to network, learn, and work toward the common goals of improving their internet businesses, professionalism, cost controls and efficiency.