The Association of United Internet Consultants gives members like you every opportunity to save with your membership at every chance. That’s why you also have access to discounted wellness classes through eMindful. Members recieve a 15% discount on any class from eMindful.


eMindful is a company partnering with world-leading researchers in the rapidly growing field of mind-body wellness.  Their core programs are built upon the foundation of mindfulness, a practice that has received increasing scientific attention as a way to reduce stress, smoking, overeating, chemical dependency, and other behaviors that contribute to chronic diseases.These sustainable behavioral change programs go right to the root causes of rising health care costs, and health-related productivity losses. And with online classes, students and instructors can interact from anywhere.


Stress Reduction Courses
Mindfullness programs for preventing and managing stress have been designed upon research showing the effectiveness of mindfulness in countering stress.
Weight Loss/Management Courses
Being overweight raises your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and other medical conditions. Mindfulness helps you discern the difference between hunger
and habitual or compulsive eating and teaches life-long skills for managing your food intake, without the ups and downs of dieting.
Diabetes Courses
The mindful-based diabetes management program can help manage the disease, for a better quality of life and fewer medical complications.
Pain Management Courses
Living with pain is taxing. So is paying for it. These pain management programs have been designed to incorporate the latest research showing mindfulness to be a safe and effective alternative to managing chronic pain.
Mental Health Courses
Mindfulness has been researched extensively as a means for treating a wide range of mental health conditions—depression, anxiety, anger, panic, and more.
Heart Disease Courses
eMindful’s programs can help in preventing and treating heart disease, given its link to obesity, stress, and high blood pressure. They offer several ongoing programs in these areas.
Relapse Courses
The mindfulness-based relapse prevention programs helps keep you on the right track, so that you don’t turn back.
Smoking/Tobacco Cessation
Lastly, eMindful offers QuitSmart®, a program designed by Dr. Robert Shipley, the Director of the Duke University Medical Center Stop Smoking Program. This program has proven 2-4 times more effective than other methods, showing just how effectively it works.